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Therapulse Ultra Touch
  • – Fully Digital Touchscreen
  • – 24 separate modes in 6 groups
  • – Up to 20 levels of intensity
  • – Dual channel system with independent intensity control
  • – Adjustable Timer
  • – FREE! 5 Sets of Pads

Magic Massage Combo
  • – Includes the magic massage ultra 2, magic massage shoes and magic massage ear clips
  • – Digital control display
  • – 16 massage modes
  • – 20 levels of intensity
  • – 2 year warranty

Magic Massage Pro
  • – 6 massage modes
  • – 20 levels
  • – Adjustable timer
  • – 2 year warranty

10 Magic Massage Pads

Large size Magic Massage Replacement Pads. Works with Hidow, Pinook, Irest, Palm and IQ.

Magic Massage Ultra
  • – Avoids medication side-effects
  • – Stimulates blood flow
  • – 16 massage modes
  • – 20 levels of intensity
  • – FREE Lifetime Warranty, Slippers, Belt, 5 Sets of Pads

Smart Relief Ultimate Combo

This combo kit includes the Smart Relief Massage Ultimate, massage shoes, and massage ear clips.

Smart Relief Ultimate
  • -Back-Lit Digital control display
  • -10 massage modes
  • -20 levels of intensity
  • -Dual port control

Magic Massage TENS Knee Pads

Manufactured from woven silver nylon. Great for Arthritis and inflamed aching knees!

Magic Massage Socks

Improve blood flow to feet with these Magic Massage Socks.

Magic Massage Gloves

Improve blood flow to hands with these Magic Massage Gloves.

Magic Massage Belt

Durable, High quality TENs belt to massage your mids and lower torso.

Magic Massage Slippers

These incredible Magic Massage Slippers are specially designed according to acupressure points technique in Chinese traditional medicine.

Magic Massage Jumbo Pads

Jumbo size Magic Massage Pads For Only: $19.99. Can be used with all of our massagers and most other brands.

Magic Massage Pads – LARGE

Large size Magic Massage Pads can be used with all of our tens unit massagers and most popular brands.

Magic Massage Pads – SMALL

Small size Magic Massage pads can be used with Magic Massage Ultra and Pro, as wells as most other popular brands.

Magic Massage AC Adaptor

This Magic Massage AC adapter works with all our TENS massager units and most other popular brands.

Magic Massage Ear Clips

There are 360 pressure points on your ear. Discover them all with these special designed tens unit ear clips.

Magic Massage Wires

These Magic Massager wires can be used for all of our tens unit massagers and most other popular brands.

Lifetime Warranty + 2 Free Pads

Extended lifetime warranty coverage available within 30 days from the Purchase date. JUST $49.99