ePulse® Ultra 1620


– 16 massage therapies
– 20 levels of intensity

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MORE POWER & MORE FEATURES – Ultra 1620 has 16 massage therapies and 20 levels of massage intensity, more than any other high-end TENS device

INSTANT PAIN RELIEF & IMMEDIATE RESULTS – TENS therapy works by blocking pain signals from the affected nerves to the brain allowing you to feel pain relief much faster than with traditional medicine

FDA-CLEARED CLASS 2 MEDICAL DEVICE – Ultra 1620 has been registered with the FDA as a safe over-the-counter TENS and powered muscle stimulator

FEATURES TENS & EMS THERAPIES – Ultra 1620 includes both TENS & EMS massage therapies. TENS therapy is designed for pain & discomfort relief whereas EMS helps tone & recover muscles

COMPREHENSIVE 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Ultra 1620 is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers your device in the case of any defects or failures

Unlike NSAIDs or other pain relieving drugs that can take up to 45 minutes to work, ePulse 1620 targets chronic pain at the source using precise microchip-controlled electrical pulses that act to block pain signals sent from the nerves to the brain. This type of pain management therapy works almost instantly providing relief significantly faster than most methods. Incorporating ePulse 1620 into your pain management strategy may lessen or eliminate the need for expensive and potentially unsafe drugs.

Product Features:

20 percent stronger than previous TENS units
Simulates both TENS and EMS treatments to stimulate both nerve endings and muscles
Digital control display with back lit screen
16 massage therapies (2 variations per setting): Swedish, Acupuncture, Shiatzu, Thai, Microcurrent, Auricular, Reflexology, and Workout
20 levels of intensity for soft and strong massages
Dual outputs support up to four pads at once
Adjustable timer (10-60 minutes)
Extremely small dimensions; smaller than an iPod
Rechargeable Lithium battery
Two-year limited warranty
Acupuncture chart included to illustrate optimal pressure and treatment points
FDA Cleared TENS and Powered Muscle Stimulator!

Included in Box:

Ultra 1620 TENS Control Unit
2 Small Electrode Pads
2 Large Electrode Pads
2 Electrode Wires
Ear Clips
Pad Holder
USB Cable
AC Adaptor
User’s Manual
Acupuncture Chart

Available Accessories:

Massage Belt
Massage Shoes
Massage Socks
Massage Gloves
Massage Brace
Massage Ear Clips
Jumbo Electrode Pads
Arm Band
Enovative Accessory Pack
Lifetime Warranty Plus Pack