10 Magic Massage Pads

Large size Magic Massage Replacement Pads. Works with Hidow, Pinook, Irest, Palm and IQ.

Magic Massage Jumbo Pads

Jumbo size Magic Massage Pads For Only: $19.99. Can be used with all of our massagers and most other brands.

Magic Massage Pads – SMALL

Small size Magic Massage pads can be used with Magic Massage Ultra and Pro, as wells as most other popular brands.

Magic Massage AC Adaptor

This Magic Massage AC adapter works with all our TENS massager units and most other popular brands.

Magic Massage Wires

These Magic Massager wires can be used for all of our tens unit massagers and most other popular brands.

5 Magic Massage Pads

5 pairs large size Magic Massage replacement pads. Works with Hidow, Pinook, Irest, Palm and IQ.

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User Manual

Getting started with your pain free life is now quick and easy! See below for detailed instructions on using your new Magic Massage Device and add-on products now! INTRODUCTION Thank you for Purchasing Magic Massage XP Hands-free Massager. Revolutionary, patented 21st century technology has allowed the Magic Massage XP the ability to re-create the feeling […]