TheraPulse Affiliate Marketing Program

Become an affiliate with TheraPulse. It’s free to sign up – absolutely no costs – and has substantial earning potential. Plus, use your affiliate link to get up to 75% off regular price on select items. Simply fill out the form at the link below, and you can instantly start earning paid commissions today.

Join the Therapulse Affiliate Program

How does it work?
Affiliates are provided with their own customized link to our website with a massive discount from our regularly listed prices to share on their blog, through social media, website, etc. Every sale through your link will be credited to your account 20% commission.


For example, the Magic Massage Ultra 2 is normally $399.99, but with YOUR  affiliate link, it’s only $119.99, which means WHEN someone buys from your affiliate link, they save $280 and you make $24!!

Upon creating an account, affiliates have their own login to our website where you can see real time sales and clicks.

Start earning money right away!

Questions? Call us at 1-800-840-1973 or e-mail our Affiliate Marketing Manager, Chris, at